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Biography of Historic Folk Artist, Richard Herbert Tivey

As far back as I can remember, I had a drawing pencil and paper in front of me. As I wandered my way through school I was exposed to all kinds of creative skills. Just after WWII, thinking that war might break out again at anytime, boys in middle school had to take drafting, metalwork shop, and woodworking shop, especially those who were not seen as Business School or College bound. By the time I got to high school, I picked up a paint brush under the tutelage of Mr. "Wild" Bill Cody. I couldn't put it down! I was fascinated by what my imagination could get up to and splash out on paper and canvas.

Once school was out, and faced with the draft, I volunteered to go into the U.S. Air Force. All my creative talent went into doing my job as manager in charge of the Flight Surgeons Office and being a flying medic.

Coming out of the military in 1959, I took the government up on some free education and signed up for art classes through the mail with the Famous Artist School of Westport, Connecticut. The most important contribution they made to my education was providing me with supplies. The critiques I received about my submitted art work made me feel that I was being herded into a world of conformity I did not wish to enter. I lasted a year or so and went on my own way.

I kept moving in a direction that allowed my creativity to remain unfocused and as diverse as possible. It was not easy doing societies bidding, marriage, children, working for a living, etc,. I had only the weekends for my creative experimentation.

For a vocation, I entered the world of marketing. After traveling all over the country as the marketing director for several large corporations, I became a lobbyist in Washington, DC. Business success allowed more freedom to pursue my explosive desire to create art. As I traveled the country I visited as many art museums as possible as well as spending time with other artists. I sold many of my paintings as I traveled, to business acquaintances, friends and family. They enjoyed the quaintness of my early depiction of New England scenes including the historic perceptions and descriptions. Most of my work was in acrylics, watercolor with a smattering of woodwork, wire sculpture and assemblages.

In the 1970's I wondered into the quick printing and publishing business as a business owner. I founded "American Studio Arts" in which I had local artists submit black and white drawings which I published on rag art paper, in limited editions, they in turn hand painted and numbered them. I then matted and framed them, assembled them into interesting packages of various themes, and sold them nationwide to gift shops. It was a fine concept, providing the newly emerging suburbanites with inexpensive prints for their homes.

I also started a handcrafted toy company called "Tivey Toy Works" selling to history museum gift shops throughout the country as well as some art museum gift shops. Most popular was a series of hand painted wooden animals on wheels, Noah's Ark figures, etc. as well.

This past November 2017, at 80 years of age, I decided to devote as much time as I am able to my painting. I now have a collection of watercolor paintings that I would like to share with you. If you have an interest in seeing what my latest works are all about, please eMail me and request a catalogue. I will send you my latest catalogue, price list, etc., attached to a responding eMail, in pdf , easily readable on any computer.

Thank you for your interest, and I do hope I have something of interest for your consideration.

Sincerely, Richard Herbert Tivey

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Historic Folk Art of Richard Herbert Tivey

Price List 2020


All paintings are signed original watercolors, archival matted behind glass and framed in golden colored solid wooden frames or gold leaf covered solid wooden frames, of various styles and widths, designed to bring out the full beauty of the art. The paper dust covered back is eyed, strung with stranded metal picture wire, and a complete authenticated description certificate is adhered to the dust cover and signed by the artist. This work of art is ready to be displayed on any wall as soon as it is unpacked.

A "Matted with backing in clear cellulose art bag" price is also listed

for those who want to take the

opportunity of framing the painting themselves.


Framed Watercolor Art:     5" X 7"     Art Size: 3" X 4.5"     Price: $100.00

Matted with backing in a clear cellulose art bag:     Price: $75.00


Framed Watercolor Art:     8" X 10"    Art Size: 4.5" X 6.5"     Price: $125.00

Matted with backing in a clear cellulose art bag:     Price: $100.00


Framed Watercolor Art:     9" X 12"     Art Size: 5.5" X 8.5"     Price: $150.00

Matted with backing in a clear cellulose art bag:     Price: $125.00


Framed Watercolor Art:     11" X 14"     Art Size: 7.5" X 9:5"     Price: $175.00

Matted with backing in a clear cellulose art bag:     Price: $150.00

 Shipping and handling within the Continental United States is $20.00 Each Painting

Outside the Continental United States will be quoted on an individual basis.

 Prices Posted as of January 1, 2020

Prices subject to change without notice

Richard Herbert Tivey

Studio at Great Pine Hollow

P.O. Box 215     Wolfeboro, New Hampshire 03894    Telephone: 603-569-7902

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