Descendants of the Founding Fathers of New England

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                              Descendants Organizations

We represent several Descendant Organizations which have been researching, recording, preserving and publishing family genealogies since 1958.

When you join The Society of the Descendants of the Founding Fathers of New England, you will be notified if you are eligable to join any other descendant organizations that we represent and have records for. If you have already traced your genealogy from New England back across the sea to Old England, we will entertain an application for any organization we represent on our price list.

If you need help gathering family lines, documents, or sources for any other Descendant Organization you wish to join, i.e. Mayflower Society, Winthrop Society, etc., we can be of help there as well. There is no charge for queries. If we find what you are looking for, we will notify you as to any charges that you might incur well in advance. It's easy working with us. No surprises.

We also have for sale many family genealogies from our vast collection and data base which we publish in booklet form or pdf files that can be read on the computer. We also have many research books on disc which can be read on any computer, in pdf file. Please check this web site for a list of publications and prices.

We do hope our good offices can be of service to you in the near future.


Richard Herbert Tivey, Governor General
Priscilla Elaine Theberge, Secretary 

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